Wow what a wedding. About 33 degrees and the sun was shining all day.  Even though I already did quite a few weddings (mainly videos), it still feels special when someone trusts you to capture such a special day.

I've met Mischa & Iris about 2 years ago. We have some mutual friends and we went to Lowlands Festival together. The first time I saw Mischa he said: 'nice shorts' (We both had the same cut off jeansshort). From that moment I knew, the guy is awesome and we are going to be friends.

When I saw Mischa and Iris got engaged I already thought, that's going to be an amazing wedding! With a beautiful couple and the amazing energy they have together. It's going to be good!

Only a few months later I started doing wedding photography and I needed to build my portfolio. I immediately thought of them. So I decided to write them a message to ask if I can join the day to make some photos and they said yes!

The wedding day was amazing. It was a beautiful garden in Eindhoven. Festival themed wedding and everyone in colorful dresses and suits. One of the things I really noticed was that everyone was smiling the entire day! A photographers dream.. (maybe not really, but it helps)

It wasn't that hard to capture all those beautiful moments. I always say about my photography, that I don't create beauty, but I see beauty and capture it. Such an amazing wedding and a beautiful bride who was smiling from ear to ear the entire day. I was so happy with the photos I've took that day and luckily the couple was happy as wel! Yeah, did I already said it was an amazing wedding?

I would like to wish Mischa & Iris all the happiness and health on their wedding!